Alien Species

To everyone but the most hardcore conspiracy theorist, alien races are a pipe dream. Neat in theory, but ultimately nonexistent. However, the truth is that not only do aliens exist (several species in fact), but they have also been in contact with Earth’s governments. Some aliens even live on Earth, though this number is admittedly tiny.

The first recorded encounter with an alien being was in 1947, when two spaceships crash landed on Earth. The first crashed in the New Mexico desert, leading to the Roswell conspiracy, though all aboard that ship died on impact. The second crashed in eastern Antarctica and buried itself under the ice. At the time, Atomic Man responded to both incidents and made peaceful contact with the aliens (a species known as Helians), who had crashed due to sabotage from their own kind. With Atomic Man’s help, they weeded out the traitor, and imprisoned him within the ice beneath Antarctica.

Unable to return home, the Helians built a city within the ice of Antarctica where a small population remain to this day. Despite receiving help from Atomic Man, the Helians have been reluctant to provide their own in terms of technology, and relations between the US Government and the Helian Outpost have become strained, especially in recent years.

Known Alien Species:
Helians: Hailing from a solar system in the Helix Nebula, this species is very humanoid, save for a third eye

Alien Species

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