Most civilians only know of vampires from pop culture. Countless books, movies, televisions shows, even cartoons have used, and regurgitated the vampire myth countless times. The truth, however, is that they are very real, and very little like their popular depiction.

Vampires are theoretically undead, that is true. They had to die to become what they are, and many never truly live again. The idea that they are cold and lifeless creatures couldn’t be further from the truth, however. Blood still flows through a vampire’s body, though it is no longer their own. They have a passion for life and its many pleasures, indeed it’s one of the tempting factors in becoming a vampire. Sex. Drugs. Power. Money. Life at its fullest.

The whole weakness to religious icons was pure hokum invented by the church, in an effort to cow and control the superstitious. Similarly, running water, garlic and wooden stakes to the heart are all comforting lies told to mask the truth.

The truth is vampires are nigh immortal. The only tried and true method of slaying a vampire is by removing its head, or removing its heart. A vampire cannot function without either. Any other weaknesses are due to a vampire’s individual mutation.

No two vampires are alike. They undergo a mutation when they embrace the night, a mutation of the vampire’s very soul. Many gain supernatural powers, but some also pick up a few odd weaknesses to go with it.

Many, even vampires themselves, think that to become a vampire you must be bitten by one, but the reality is much more complicated than that. Biting a human, draining it of blood and then replacing the stolen blood with that of a vampire’s is a fast track to vampirism. However, there are those who become vampires who have never even come in contact with a vampire before. These people, all of whom have died in one way or another, report similar near death experiences, where they are approached by a tall, dark man who offers them a second chance. Needless to say, they almost always take it.

Known Vampires:


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