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Heroic Organizations:

  • Arkham City Sirens: A loose collection of female heroes who safeguard Arkham City. The founding Sirens were Echo, Madcap and Mandragora.
  • Chicago Police Department: The CPD has been a progressive unit, employing metahumans since early 2010. Their Redline Task Force has been key to stopping many crimes before they get out of hand.
  • Esoteric Order: A group of occult-oriented individuals dedicating to guarding the island of R’lyeh, and preventing the rise of various Elder Gods.
  • Federal Security Agency: A branch of the US Government , the FSA was specifically created to police the rise of supernatural and superhuman entities.
  • GEM Force: Humanity doesn’t know much about the spacefaring organization that calls itself the GEM Force. What we do know is that they consider themselves a sort of intergalactic law enforcement agency who grant their operatives extraordinary powers using mystical gemstones.
  • Lightning Corps: A department of the United Nations that deals with supernatural and superhuman threats. They are called upon as a last resort, and try to resolve matters nonlethally.

Villainous Organizations:

  • Hellraisers: A group of occult-oriented villains devoted to corruption, general evildoing and chaos. They are typically responsible for the summoning of demons and the creation of hellmouths.

Neutral Organizations & Corporations

  • Black League: A loosely affiliated group of occult-oriented individuals who came together to learn and share knowledge.
  • Dragnov Industries: A megacorporation that manufactures everything from baby food to airplane parts.
  • Orchid Corporation:

New Nations
The Newhaven World didn’t progress in the same was as our Earth. Some nations fell, others rose from the ashes.

  • Nubia: Located between Egypt and Sudan, Nubia is an ancient kingdom known for its rich deposits of gold, diamonds and other precious materials.
  • Soviet Union: In this world, the Soviet Union never dissolved, and remains a world power to this day, thanks in part to the rise of Superwoman.

Major Cities
Arkham City, Massachusetts.
Broadacre, Nebraska.
Chicago, Illinois.
Innsmouth, Massachusetts.
Newhaven, Connecticut.
New York City, New York.


  • Aliens: Though the public has no idea alien life exists, many in the government, and many in the vigilante business, know otherwise.
  • Novas: Beings whose metagene has been activated by the stellar phenomena known as nova bombardment.
  • Vampires: Undead beings who have to feed on blood to survive. Their curse gives them many weaknesses, but even more strengths. No two are the same.
  • Wights: Humans who have undergone extensive psychic testing to give them powerful psionic abilities. Most of them work in secret for the Orchid Corporation.

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