Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department (or CPD) is one of the more advanced government-funded crime fighting organizations in the United States. They’re entirely funded at the city level, primarily by taxes and substantial contributions. The CPD is known for being forward-thinking, by employing a large number of superhuman cops, primarily in their “Redline Task Force.”

The Redline Task Force, usually referred to as “the Redline” is the CPD’s equivalent of a SWAT Team. It consists of highly trained superhuman officers, mostly novas. They typically respond to hostage crises, bank robberies, and other high-profile crimes.

The leader of the Redline is Kacey Maguire, codename “Redline”, and was the CPD’s first known superhuman officer. After displaying powers in the line of duty, she was continually promoted until she was put in charge of her own taskforce, which came to be known by her own codename.

Known Redline Task Force Members:
Kacey “Redline” Magquire.

Chicago Police Department

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