Lena Oxton, the hero known as Tracer, actually comes from a different version of Earth. According to her, she was experimenting with a more powerful version of her “chronal accelerator”, and accidentally tore a hole in space-time, causing her to appear suddenly on this Earth.

She has since joined the Lightning Corps, which is similar to her world’s “Overwatch” group, though she still desires to return home.


Real Name: Lena Oxton.
Occupation: Adventurer.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: None.
Birthplace: Earth-776 (Britain).
Relationship Status: Single (presumed).
Known Relatives: None on this Earth.
Group Affiliation: Lightning Corps.
Base of Operations: London.
Known Powers: Due to an accident, Lena Oxton is out of sync with time. A device called the chronal accelerator stabilizes her temporal flow, and allows her to interact with the world normally. It also allows her to jump briefly forwards or backwards through time.


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