Following the unveiling of Atomic Man in 1945, other nations scrambled to create their own “super men”, often with disastrous results. Though it is unknown how many projects were attempted, at least one succeeded. The Soviet Union successfully reproduced the conditions leading to Atomic Man’s powers with one subject, Nadyeza Saltanova.

This new superhero, dubbed the Soviet Superwoman, or simply Superwoman, brought in a new age of national pride and equality for the nation following World War II.


Real Name: Nadyeza Saltanova.
Occupation: State-sponsored Superhero.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: The Soviet Superwoman.
Birthplace: USSR (Moscow).
Relationship Status: Single (assumed).
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Soviet Army.
Base of Operations: USSR.
Known Powers: Just like Atomic Man, Nadyeza possesses incredible strength and toughness. She’s virtually immune to any conventional weaponry, and possesses the ability to fly.


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