Red Eagle


The Red Eagle is part of the USSR’s new publicity campaign to glorify superheroes. Whereas many countries have attempted to crack down on the rise of vigilantes, Russia’s populace has always stood behind their Soviet Superwoman. Red Eagle arose in part thanks to this patriotism, first as a vigilante on his home streets of Leningrad, then as a state-sponsored hero.


Real Name: Roman Aristov.
Occupation: State-sponsored Superhero.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: None.
Birthplace: USSR (Leningrad).
Relationship Status: Married.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Soviet Army.
Base of Operations: USSR.
Known Powers: Red Eagle possesses no inherent powers of his own, beyond his Olympic level athletics. Instead he relies on his suit, which gives him an impressive boost to strength and speed, and an array of gadgets.

Red Eagle

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