Empath I


The original Empath wasn’t considered a household name until his death in 2011. He was a low-level superhero, mainly focused on preventing robberies, purse snatching and foiling the plans of similarly low-powered villains. One such villain, Madame Cobra considered herself the arch-nemesis of Empath, and towards the end of his career she had been his primary antagonist.

One such encounter had progressed like any other, Madame Cobra and her mind-controlled thugs were robbing the Seattle National Bank. Empath responded, and the two faced off for what would be the last time. During the robbery, Empath managed to corner Madame Cobra in the vault, which sealed itself. When the door was opened, police found both hero and villain dead, the result of what was declared “massive psychic damage.”

Later, a new Empath emerged to carry the torch.


Real Name: Unknown.
Occupation: Vigilante.
Identity: Secret.
Other Aliases: None.
Birthplace: USA (Seattle).
Relationship Status: N/A.
Known Relatives: Unknown.
Group Affiliation: None.
Base of Operations: Seattle, USA.
Known Powers: Empath possessed a number of magical and psychic abilities, such as mind-reading. He could also interrupt psychic-control and domination.


Empath I

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