Little is known about the vigilante using the name Echo. She originally appeared in Newhaven, under the tutelage of Blackhawk. There she used the name Blackbat. In 2011 she moved to Arkham City and adopted her current name Echo. A few years later she, along with two other vigilantes in the city, formed the Arkham City Sirens.


Real Name: Unknown.
Occupation: Vigilante, heiress.
Identity: Secret.
Other Aliases: Blackbat.
Birthplace: USA (Arkham City).
Relationship Status: Currently dating Madcap.
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Arkham City Sirens.
Base of Operations: Arkham City.
Known Powers: Echo can control wind, and typically uses this to simulate flight, and to distract enemies. Further, her helmet gives her enhanced vision and sonar, allowing her to fight in darkness.


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