Blackhawk arose in 2004 following Newhaven’s sudden upswing in crime. With police unable, or unwilling, to respond everywhere, Blackhawk swept in and dealt with high-profile criminals, hostage situations, and violent crimes. Many still see him as a nuisance, rather than a hero, whose presence causes more harm than good.

He has taken on several partners over the years, including Echo (formerly Blackbat), as well as Raven.


Real Name: Unknown.
Occupation: Vigilante.
Identity: Secret.
Other Aliases: None.
Relationship Status: Single (assumed).
Known Relatives: None.
Group Affiliation: Arkham City Sirens (ally), the Lightning Corps (ally).
Base of Operations: Newhaven.
Known Powers: None. Blackhawk is utterly dedicated to the cause, and a master martial artist. He supplements his martial prowess with a suit of flexible, lightweight armor and various technological gadgets.


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