Bambooom was born as Bei Bei the panda in a zoo in China. While in captivity, several experiments were performed on him in secret by the Chinese government, who were animal-testing a cocktail of enhancement drugs in an attempt to create superhuman soldiers. When Bei Bei showed no marked difference, he was returned to the zoo. He and his mother were later loaned to the Newhaven National Zoo, where Bei Bei’s enhanced intelligence first started to manifest.

As he transitioned into adulthood, Bei Bei realized he was being used, and left in squalid conditions, and used his superior intelligence to escape. He despises humans for what they did to him, but has no problem working with them. He has since set up shop in Newhaven after deposing the Carsoni crime family, and runs both weapons and drugs.


Real Name: Bei Bei (given name); Bamboom (chosen name).
Occupation: Crime boss.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: Pandoom, Mr. White, Mr. Black, Panda Guy.
Birthplace: China.
Relationship Status: Single (assumed).
Known Relatives: Mei (mother; deceased).
Group Affiliation: Bamboom Cartel.
Major Enemies: Blackhawk.
Base of Operations: Newhaven.
Known Powers: He possesses a human-like intelligence following several experiments in captivity. Besides this human intellect, he has shown to be above average physically, but otherwise has no other powers.


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