Atomic Man


Atomic Man is the quintessential superhero of the Newhaven Heroes universe. Adam Maxwell, then a Lieutenant in the US Army, was part of a military entourage tasked with observing the first nuclear detonation test in the Jornada del Muerto desert, approximately 23 miles southeast of Socorro. The test itself went off without a hitch, however a sudden gust of wind caused a significant portion of the radioactive cloud to spread towards the observer’s bunker. In the rush to evacuate, Adam Maxwell was accidentally knocked unconscious in the bunker and left behind.

The resulting radiation exposure changed Adam Maxwell, granting him a host of superhuman abilities. The Army, upon seeing what he could do, decided to make him a poster child of American superiority, and dubbed him Atomic Man, creating the first Superhero.

Things changed for Adam Maxwell when his wife and son became increasingly ill from radiation poisoning. Fearing it was his own body causing harm, Adam Maxwell withdrew from the world in 1953, never to be seen again.


Real Name: Adam Maxwell
Occupation: State-sponsored Superhero.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: The American Superman.
Birthplace: USA (Chicago).
Relationship Status: Widower.
Known Relatives: Linda Maxwell (wife; deceased), William Maxwell (son; deceased).
Group Affiliation: US Army.
Base of Operations: United States.
Known Powers: Adam Maxwell possesses incredible strength and endurance, with the ability to lift a jetliner full of passengers. He can fly, and is nearly impervious to conventional weaponry.

Atomic Man

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