The Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis was thought to be a myth until his fellow god Ra was reawakened in the deserts of Egypt. Ra immediately attempted to take over the world, claiming to be the God-Emperor. Following the defeat of the Lightning Corps, Anubis was accidentally awakened in an attempt to learn how to imprison the mad god.

Anubis, however, had no loyalty to Ra, and aided the Lightning Corps in fashioning a new sarcophagus prison for the Sun God. With Anubis on their side, the Corps handily defeated Ra and trapped him in his new tomb. Anubis then disappeared, and is believed to still roam the Earth to this day.


Real Name: Anubis.
Occupation: God.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: None.
Birthplace: Egypt.
Relationship Status: Unknown.
Known Relatives: Nepthys (mother); Set (father); Kebechet (child).
Group Affiliation: The Egyptian Pantheon.
Base of Operations: Underworld.
Known Powers: As a god, Anubis’ powers are nigh-immeasurable. He has incredible strength, speed and endurance, and he can travel into the Underworld at will. He also has the ability to see, communicate with, and manipulate ghosts.


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