Once believed wholly mythological, Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun was proven to be real after he was awakened in 2011 by an archaeological team investigating a new burial tomb. Seeing the state of affairs in the world, Ra proclaimed himself the God-Emperor and demanded all nations submit to his rule. To cement his power, he destroyed several monuments to “false gods” around the world, including Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Washington monument, and the Parthenon in Greece.

The UN, shocked by these events, worked swiftly to put together a team of superheroes that they called the Lightning Corps. The original team included Blackhawk, Superwoman, and Lady Gold. However, when the team attempted to reason with Ra, the encounter turned violent and Blackhawk was feared dead in the aftermath.

The remainder of the Lightning Corps sought an alternate method to defeating Ra, and looked into how he was imprisoned in the first place. In so doing, they released Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. However, Anubis was not hostile to the Corps, and instead aided them in trapping Ra into a new sarcophagus tomb.

Ra’s tomb has since been discreetly hidden away, so that he may never rise again.


Real Name: Amun-Ra.
Occupation: God.
Identity: Public.
Other Aliases: Horus, Horus-Ra, Ra-Horakhty.
Birthplace: Egypt.
Relationship Status: Unknown.
Known Relatives: Neith (mother); Khnum (father); Shu, Tefnut, Bastet, Ma’at, Hathor, Serket (children).
Group Affiliation: The Egyptian Pantheon (leader).
Major Enemies: Anubis, the Lightning Corps.
Base of Operations: Egypt/World.
Known Powers: Ra possesses incredible divine might. His power is nigh-immeasurable, he is immune all conventional weapons, and even stood up to the collective might of the Lightning Corps with hardly a scratch. He has power over the sun and the earth, and is able to cause earthquakes half the world away.


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